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Performance Comparison between PCD die and TC die

Time:2023-03-13 13:48:31Hits:
Compared with cemented carbide, the tensile strength of polycrystalline diamond is only 70% of that of commonly used cemented carbide, but its hardness is 2.5 times that of cement carbide. In this way, the polycrystalline diamond mold has more advantages than the cemented carbide mold. The wire drawing die made of polycrystalline diamond has good wear resistance, uniform inner hole wear, strong impact resistance and high wire drawing efficiency. Therefore, polycrystalline diamond molds are gradually being valued in the metal wire drawing industry.
Compared with cemented carbide dies, the use of polycrystalline wire drawing diamond dies has the following obvious advantages:

1. High drawing efficiency.
The necessary maintenance of the wire drawing dies during use is very important to the service life of the wire drawing die and the surface quality of the wire. It is usually recommended that customers maintain the polycrystalline diamond wire drawing die every 24 hours. Within 24 hours, the hole diameter of the polycrystalline diamond wire drawing dies changes little, and the wire diameter change rate of the drawn wire is also very small. For the whole production process, the wire diameter compression rate of each wire drawing die is relatively stable, and the ratio of input to output is large.

2. Good wear resistance and long service life.
The service life of the polycrystalline diamond wire drawing die is about 30 to 50 times that of the cemented carbide die, so that there is no need to stop frequently to replace the die during the drawing process. The aperture of the polycrystalline wire drawing die changes very little per unit time, and the size of the drawn wire changes little, which is very beneficial to the reel winding. Generally, the number of winding turns of the drawn wire is fixed. If the size of the finished wire becomes larger quickly, the number of winding turns will decrease relatively rapidly. This requires constant changes in the size of the reel, which is not conducive to the improvement of production efficiency.

3. Save raw materials.
If you draw a wire with a metal-plated surface, the electroplating process does not stop during the drawing process, which will cause the thickness of the electroplating layer on the surface of the electroplated wire to exceed the standard. Big waste, the more downtime the bigger the waste. This waste can be greatly reduced by using polycrystalline diamond dies.

4. Reduce labor intensity.
Due to the long life of the polycrystalline diamond wire drawing die and slow expansion, it is not necessary to replace the die frequently, and it is not like using a cemented carbide wire drawing dies that must always pay attention to the change of the wire size, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the workers. A worker in the production process Medium can take care of 4~5 wire drawing machines.