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Maintenance of Cable Drawing Die

Time:2023-03-27 15:11:59Hits:
The wire drawing die used for cables is operated strictly in accordance with the operating regulations during the production process, which can achieve better results. The following QEDIAMONDDIE wire drawing die manufacturer will introduce the maintenance methods for the application of cable drawing dies.

The wire drawing die needs to be cleaned before use, because the sundries in the die hole not only scratch the surface of the wire during the drawing process, but also cause grooves in the die, and even cause the die to be scrapped, so the die can be used before use Special wave cleaning, compressed air drying.

When installing the wire drawing die, it is changed to make sure that the center line of the die hole coincides with the drawing axis of the wire. Otherwise, the wire will generate additional side pressure on the mold wall, which will cause the wear of the mold to become asymmetrical and uneven. In addition, improper installation and maintenance of drawing equipment means that the drawing die is under the working conditions of impact, vibration or frequent start-up, which will cause uneven or fluctuating force on the drawing die, resulting in premature wear of the drawing die.

When using cable duct moulds, we must pay attention to inspection first to ensure that the moulds are intact. Be sure to wear protective clothing and goggles when welding.
When working on the machine, make sure that the plastic machine is in the terminated state, and hang the sign. The maintenance of the cable groove die is more important than the repair of the die. The more frequently the wire drawing die is repaired, the shorter its service life will be. The higher the maintenance of the mold, the longer its service life will be. The normal maintenance routine of cable tray molds is to wait for the mold to cool down, then clean the mold, spray anti-rust oil, close the mold, and store the plastic machine.