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Common Knowladge of Maintenance of PCD Special-Shaped Drawing Die

Time:2023-02-23 16:16:13Hits:
According to the types of wires to be drawn and the characteristics of wire drawing, scientifically formulate maintenance specifications for wire drawing dies.
Pay attention to the following items during the maintenance of the polycrystalline drawing die:
Effective maintenance and repair of polycrystalline wire drawing dies is very important to reduce costs.

Due to the vibration of the wire, some slight annular wear occurs in the contact area of the drawing die first, and then continues to expand to the sizing area, resulting in a serious decline in the surface quality of the wire and an increase in the size of the wire. Not only that, severe wear will cause transverse cracks or longitudinal cracks in the mold, leading to premature scrapping of the mold.
Under normal circumstances, slight annular wear only needs to be polished to be restored to use, or slightly enlarged to meet the drawing requirements. Excessive wear will greatly reduce the number of mold repairs, or even scrap it, which will increase the cost of wire drawing.
It is very cost-effective to formulate a set of normative standards, strengthen daily maintenance, and frequently overhaul the die stamping plate. Once the mold shows any slight wear and polishing in time, the time it takes to restore the mold to the original polished state is short, and the hole size of the mold does not change significantly.
Pay attention to the following points during the use of polycrystalline wire drawing die:
1. Ensure the smooth operation of the wire drawing equipment: each wire drawing drum and wire passing guide wheel should be stable and flexible, and the run-out tolerance should be strictly controlled. If the drum and guide wheel are found to have worn grooves, they should be repaired in time.
2. Good lubrication conditions are an important condition to ensure the surface quality of the wire rod and prolong the service life of the polycrystalline wire drawing die. Check the lubrication indicators frequently to remove copper powder and impurities in the lubricating oil, so as not to pollute the equipment holes. If the lubrication fails, the lubrication system needs to be replaced and cleaned in time.
3. Reasonable mold matching is the key factor to ensure the surface quality of the wire rod, to control the accurate and consistent size, to reduce the wear of the reel of the wire drawing machine, and to reduce the operating load of the equipment. For the sliding wire drawing machine, familiarizing with the mechanical elongation of the equipment and choosing the sliding coefficient reasonably are the initial steps of mold matching.
4. According to the material of the wire drawing and the reduction rate of each wire drawing, it is also closely related to the compression angle of the corresponding polycrystalline wire drawing die, and the compression angle should be adjusted appropriately according to the reduction rate.