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Drawing Die Application Wire Range

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Drawing dies application wire range

Applicable wire for wire drawing die:
1. The wire drawing die is widely used and can be used in the production of various wires, polysilicon cutting wire, steel cord, wire and cable, gas shielded welding wire, flux cored welding wire, electronic wire, silver plating, tin plating, gold wire, automotive wire, pipelines, construction lines, rigging lines, fiber optics.
2. In various industries, such as high-precision wire used in electronic devices, radar, television, instrumentation and aerospace, as well as commonly used tungsten wire, molybdenum wire, stainless steel wire, wire and cable wire and various alloy wires are all made of diamond Drawn out of wire drawing dies.

Due to the use of natural diamond as raw material, the diamond wire drawing die has strong wear resistance and extremely high service life.
In metal pressure processing. Under the action of an external force, the metal is forced through the die, the cross-sectional area of the metal is compressed, and the tool that obtains the required cross-sectional shape and size is called a wire drawing die. The wire drawing die is a kind of die through which the metal wire passes from thick to thin, and gradually reaches the size that people need. This special die is the wire drawing die.
The die core of the wire drawing die is generally made of natural diamonds, synthetic diamond polycrystalline (PCD, CD composites and other copper wire drawing dies are soft wire drawing dies. There are also hard wire drawing dies, such as tungsten wire drawing.
The angle of the compression zone of the wire drawing die is different for different wires. The angle of the compression zone of the copper wire drawing die is generally 16-18 degrees, and the fixed diameter length is 30-40%, while the angle of the compression zone of the tungsten wire drawing die is relatively small, generally 12-14 degrees, and the fixed length is 60-70%.