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Precautions to rapid wear of wire drawing die

Time:2023-04-24 17:29:41Hits:
Precautions to rapid wear of wire drawing die

As the use of wire drawing dies becomes more and more common, its quality is also getting higher and higher. It has the advantages of convenient use and beautiful appearance. Because of its characteristics and advantages, it is widely used by everyone. In order to better apply it, QEDIAMONDDIE will introduce the precautions for you.

The inlaying of the wire drawing die and the die steel sleeve is asymmetrical, and the distribution of the diamond wire drawing dies is uneven or there are gaps, which will easily lead to U-shaped cracks in the diamond wire drawing die material process. During the laser drilling process of the wire drawing die, if the sintering marks are not cleaned up or the heating is uneven, the metal catalysts and binders in the diamond layer will gather together, which will easily lead to pits in the die during the wire drawing process, and the die hole design is not good. Reasonably, the opening of the entrance lubricating area is too small and the shaping area is too long, which will lead to poor lubrication and cause the mold to wear or even break.

The above are the precautions for the rapid wear of the wire drawing die. If you encounter any doubts during the operation, you can call for consultation to avoid losses caused by blind operation. Only by operating in strict accordance with the operating regulations can the expected effect be achieved. I hope the above content Help everyone.