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Why does the wire break when using the wire drawing die? How should we solve it?

Time:2020-06-01 11:02:59Hits:
In the process of using wire drawing dies, the diameter of the processed wire is usually very small, and some are even thinner than the hair. So if you don't pay attention to it, there will be a disconnection. In order to reduce the occurrence of this situation, we need to have a certain understanding of the reasons for disconnection and solutions.
1. Unreasonable mold matching: If the size matching ratio of the wire drawing mold is unreasonable, it will cause the steel wire to break. It can be reconfigured according to the specifications and thickness of the finished product of the production line to eliminate the phenomenon of excessively large and small deformation.
2. Lubrication error: Check the lubrication system to ensure that each mold has lubricant, and determine the composition and temperature of the lubricant. Otherwise, the mold will run a large aperture in a short time, and the misalignment of the compression ratio will cause wire breakage.
3. Use the wrong mold: the mold on the machine, if the size is not correct, will cause wire breakage. Therefore, it is necessary to measure the wire diameter after threading.
4. The shape of the die hole is incorrect or not smooth: the die needs to be repaired strictly according to the standard, and the bearing should not be too long to ensure the finish of the die hole.
5. The problem of the mold itself: Due to the subtle problems that exist in China's mold materials, cracks and blocks are likely to occur during the drawing process, resulting in wire breakage. Therefore, we need to periodically remove the entire mold for inspection and repair before putting it into use.
6. The internal structure of the mold is not perfect. If the reduction zone is too long or too short, it will cause the wire to break. This is, we need to improve the internal structure of the mold, and then use it again after repair.
The above are personal analysis of several reasons for wire breakage during the use of the drawing die. I believe that as long as the above points are effectively controlled in actual production, the quality and production efficiency of the drawing product will be improved to varying degrees. In order to provide a strong guarantee for the next production process better and faster.